Reasons to Teach English in France

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a foreign country?  How about living in a foreign country and experiencing all of the culture and new things while not spending a cent of your own money, and getting paid to do it?  If this sounds too good to be true then you should investigate all of the opportunities there are for teaching English in France.  You will be able to live, and work in a country that is renowned for romance and its culture.  This is an opportunity for adventure that you should take advantage of, to improve yourself and your understanding of the world and the very different people that live in it.

More Than A Tourist

You will be much more than a tourist visiting a foreign country while you are teaching English in France. It will be practically impossible to avoid soaking up all of the culture you will be experiencing firsthand.  If you have ever had the desire to become a true citizen of the world as well as the United States, this opportunity is for you.  You will be able to influence the French people who are learning from you every day.  You will become the most effective representative of our country, showing that even though we are from different worlds we still have many more similarities than differences.

You Will Need A Visa

Teaching English in France is going to require you to get a work visa.  If you are serious about pursuing this opportunity for enrichment, get started on procuring your visa right away.  This will entail finding a French company that is willing to hire your and be your sponsor through the process.  The easiest way to do this is to sign up for an agency that specializes in matching qualified individuals with jobs that match up to their skills.  It is possible to find a company on your own, but this can be a difficult problem for several reasons and may prove so difficult it will discourage you from continuing to look for a English teaching position in France.  France itself has many agencies already out there to help you.

A Lot To Enjoy Teaching English In France

The natural environment of France varies greatly.  There are the undulating fields of Champagne or the Alpine peaks, the northern forested region or the agricultural countryside of Normandy.  No matter what you have a taste for when it comes to landscape you will be able to find it in France.  You could literally spend years doing nothing but visiting natural tourist sites in France and still not see them all and invest the time in them they deserve.  There are forty three regional parks, and six national parks.  Then you can start to look for historical sites to visit.  France has a history that extends back to the beginnings of Western Culture, so to find historical sites to visit will not be hard.  What will be difficult it paring the list of potential sites down to a number that you can realistically visit.  When you add in all of the museums and other places of culture you can quickly see that teaching English in France will provide you with the busiest adventure you have ever been on in your life.

Sites You Must See

Some of the specific sites you will have to put on your itinerary while in France will depend on your specific tastes, but in general, everybody needs to visit The City of Lights , Paris.  This is the signature city of France and has enough museums and historical sites to keep you busy for a significant amount of time.

Give It a Shot

Life often gives you opportunities to experience great things.  Some of those opportunities are only going to come along once in your life.  You may never be in a place in your life where you can pick up and spend six months to a year in a foreign country, like teaching English in France.  If you have the interest in delving into French culture in a way that will mark you forever, this is a chance you will want to take.  You will have the rest of your life to be ordinary; this may be your only chance to be French.

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